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Today I… am re-blogging this post from miscreant pirate ( cool name!)

I haven’t heard of this book by Jo Baker but I am a big Jane Austen fan- especially P&P-so it might be interesting to read a familiar story from a new angle.  I have read one or two ‘new’ stories concerning these characters, one in particular was quite disturbing!

I have often thought that there are several male characters in P&P that one might fantasise about marrying- Darcy of course, Wickham if you are the sort that likes a bad boy, Bingley if you like posh but dim however I have come to think that the best catch in the book is actually Mr Bennett.  Bear with me…
He loves those girls and is such a sweetie however trying they may be  and he puts up with all of Mrs Bennett’s ‘nerves’ and drama yet still teases her about how pretty she is. Witty, caring, patient, the perfect gentleman-lucky Mrs B!


I recently got a kindle and have been reading more books than ever! One of the ones that has stuck with me, and I’ve found myself thinking about is Longbourn by Jo Baker.

It is the story of Pride and Prejudice but as told from the view-point of the servants. The details of the going ons upstairs aren’t explained, but if you are familiar with the original story you will be easily able to work out whats happening with the Bennet sisters in relation to the goings on downstairs.

This version features Sarah, Mr and Mrs Hill, Polly and James. James is a becomes the new footman and sort of appears overnight and you can tell he somehow belongs at Longbourn, though perhaps he doesn’t know it. We also meet the servants from Netherfield, in particular Ptolemy. It then follows on a bit further than Pride and Prejudice, to after…

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