87/365 Today I…decluttered (a bit)

Today I…made a start on the de-cluttering- tackle a little at a time, they say.

First the cupboard under the sink:  Martin took everything out so I don’t have a ‘before’ picture, but trust me- it was a mess! I found:

Three cans of furniture polish. THREE. A bit rusty round the bottoms,  I think they had been there a while.  Clearly there is very little dusting going on in this house *ahem*
In the bin.

Five different silver/ brass polishes  (some wadding, some liquid, all half-used).  I can’t think of anything I own that needs specialist metal polish… certainly NO trophies for ‘best housewife’ or ‘domestic goddess’, that’s for sure!
In the bin.

Kettle de-scaler- half used, expiry date unreadable because of faded old label.
In the bin.

Shoe polishing liquid- ‘scuff-cover’ in navy blue, black and brown. I think I bought these when I used to polish the kid’s school shoes. They are 25 and 22 this year! ( and they don’t live here any more…)
In the bin.

Several ripped old T shirts to be used for shoe polishing. See above.

Electric hairclippers from when I used to buzz-cut my son Richard’s hair. Purchased when we moved here in 2002. Rich is now married with kids- and probably doesn’t want mummy to cut his hair?
Martin has no need of clippers, as you can see.  Just needs a buff with a soft cloth. *thinks*maybe I should hang on to the old T shirts…??








NO! In the bin.

Anyway- it looks much better now,  see blurry picture below, and I had lots of spare room so decided to tackle… da-da-DAAAA….



… the junk drawer!!!!

This drawer is where we keep everything but you can find NOTHING. I have moved all the spare sponges, cloths and brushes to a shoe box under the sink and thrown out a million of those little wire strips that twist around plastic bags.






I wonder how long it will stay this way?

Next on the de-clutter list: the drawer with all the gadgets and small kitchen tools that I ‘needed’ to have. From memory, these include: the pastry-wire-blender-thing (still in the packaging), the twisty-cutter-tool that makes ‘spaghetti’ out of carrots and courgettes (I hate courgettes), the milk frother that needs new batteries, etc., etc., shall I go on?
Well, that’s a story for another day…



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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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