83/365 Today I…saw this in the paper

Today I…saw this in the paper. ( The Sun)


As a red-haired woman ( OK, so now it’s white!!) with a delicately turned ankle I thought -WOOHOO! “Propose at once”. *smugface*

Although the Sun reporter has just picked out the ‘juicy’ bits, surprise, surprise, I am very interested in reading this book:  The Victorian Guide to Sex, Desire and deviance in the 19th Century by Fern Riddell – click on publishers link  here.  I just discovered that Fern Riddell  also writes a blog called viceandvirtueblog  which I shall be following.

I have grown to love the Victorians,  and after reading quite a bit of Nineteenth century prose and poetry in the last few years, nothing would surprise me!

Of man’s delight and man’s desire
In one thing is no weariness—
To feel the fury of the fire
And writhe within the close caress
Of fierce embrace and wanton kiss,
And final nuptial done aright.
How sweet a passion, shame, is this,
A strong man’s love is my delight!
Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)



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