81/365 Today I…am menu planning

wpid-20140412_122233.jpgToday I… am menu planning- this seems to be a regular Saturday morning activity.

Firstly- a quick look back at last week.  The roast chicken was great with enough leftovers for 4 individual chicken leek and ham pies on Monday, and on Tuesday we had cold chicken breast with jacket potatoes. This meant the stir fry pork moved to Wednesday and the emergency faggots are still in the freezer.

Unfortunately a horrible virus knocked me for six so Thursday I ate nothing and cooked nothing and poor Martin ended up with a sausage sandwich!  Friday I managed to throw together some spag bol.

Looking ahead to this week then:

Today (Saturday) I really fancy some fish so I am off to Morrisons in search of some trout. Lots of spuds left over from last week so a boulangere to accompany. If I can find some purple sprouting broccolli to have with it I will be a very happy bunny.

Sunday: Not bothering with a roast dinner, I have essay writing to do plus a visit to see my baby grandson for a big cuddle!
An old favourite that is very quick and delicious- pan fried duck breasts with a redcurrant jelly sauce, new potatoes and broccoli or green beans.  Recipe here.
 have been given some bramley apples so will have to make a pudding (what a shame). I have a recipe for a cobbler that I am itching to try so I plan to add some plums and have a go. With custard or ice cream, of course!

I also need to make some soup for this week’s lunches- only four work days because of Easter.  I already have the usual celery/carrot/ onion/leek as a base.  I saved some soup recipes from my magazine cull so I am going to make winter soup with bacon and lentils because I have all the ingredients in the cupboard and roasted pepper and tomato soup because it sounds yummy and is also low fat/ low calorie.

Monday: Smoked haddock and leek risotto served with a runny poached egg on top. Heaven on a plate.

Tuesday: Looking to use up some of the things I have in store.  I am going to make spiced sausage cassoulet- this is from Jamie Oliver’s latest book. You can find the recipe reproduced here.  I am going to make some soda bread to mop it up with.

Wednesday: Chilli minced beef with sweet potato wedges.

Thursday: Girls night out at the theatre with my ‘study buddies’ – leftover chilli for Martin (he won’t mind, really).

Friday: Good Friday- as yet undecided. We have visitors coming at the weekend so lots of cooking planned including a BBQ in the garden if the weather looks good.  I have some cake/pudding ideas that I want to try. I will save them for another post.

This is happening in the garden at the moment- maybe next weekend there may be a harvest?


So, what are you having?

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