80/365 Today I…have an Operation Bob update

Today I… can report back on Bob’s pyjamas.

Regular readers will be familiar with Bob- the action man figure that my grandson Oliver keeps at my house to play with when he visits. Oliver asked me to make Bob some PJs and a sleeping bag- and finally, I have!

I have posted some photos of the process and the finished articles- eagle eyed readers might spot that it isn’t actually Bob in the photos- it’s Bob’s ( as yet un-named) friend who is modelling the items.

I cut up an old shirt- a soft brushed cotton- for the PJs. I found a pattern on Pinterest and used it as a guideline to cut my own pattern to fit.

wpid-20140411_120100.jpgHere are the pyjama bottoms-I cut 2 fronts and 2 backs then stitched together down the outside leg as seen here. I neatened the ankle hem and waist at this stage.

I then stitched the inner legs, turned one leg right side out and put that leg inside the other (so right sides are together) and stitched the two together front and back in one seam. I elasticated the waist by hand so they are easy to get on and off.  Now I have the pattern, I plan to make some other trousers.


For the jacket, I cut 2 fronts and 1 back and 2 sleeves.  wpid-20140411_131316.jpg

First I stitched the fronts and back together at the side seams like this, but this was a mistake so I had to unpick the seams.





wpid-20140411_132011.jpgWith little garments, its much easier to insert the sleeves if the sides are open. I re-stitched the fronts and back together at the shoulder seams, and pinned and stitched the sleeves in.  I hemmed the sleeve edges at the wrist while they were flat as it was easier.














Then I stitched the side and sleeve seams in one, hemmed the bottom edge and the two fronts. Next, I stitched velcro on the fronts to fasten and oversewed the neck edge to tidy it up.




Lastly, I hand sewed some buttons on the front- these were from the original shirt.





Now I have to make another pair for Bob.

As a reminder, these guys are sitting on my book shelf above the computer.





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