New shoes

Extra blog tonight as I am celebrating a stroke of luck and wanted to share it with you.

Back in the old days when my blog was new- before the 365 project- I posted a farewell to my old birkenstocks, who had been my faithful friends for many years and shared lots of good times. You can read about it here if you want.  I bought them from a website in Germany so they were quite distinctive and unlike any others that I had seen in the UK- and also very pretty and of course, comfortable.

As spring is (supposed to be) here, and summer not far behind, my thoughts are turning naturally from winter boots to sandals. I managed to track down the website that I used before and have spent a happy hour this evening browsing and pinning styles and colours that caught my eye. Suddenly I spotted something familiar… and there were my old birkies in the bargain section.  Holding my breath, I clicked on the sizes available and couldn’t believe my luck!
They had my size.
Only 30 euros.
Free postage.


How adorable are they? Shiny, shiny, buckles!!
New ‘old’ shoes.


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