74/365 Today I…am menu planning

Today I… am menu planning.

Firstly- a quick look back at last week.  I made a very silly mistake!  I forgot to allow for leftovers from Sunday’s slow cooker pork and beans. What a dummy!  Deciphering the scribbles in my note-book shows that we ate the leftovers with jacket potatoes on Monday (and they were yummy! ) This meant that Monday’s spaghetti moved to Tuesday, bumping Tuesday’s sausages to Wednesday.  The Wednesday faggots remain in the freezer on standby. Thursday was supposed to be smoked haddock risotto, but a swift look round the larder revealed half a bag of spuds and some eggs crying out to be used.  So, the haddock is still keeping the faggots company in the freezer and we had home made, oven baked, herby chips, poached eggs and fish fingers instead. Bliss. Friday slow cooker chicken stew used up the bottom of the fridge mushrooms and veg. Result= no waste.

Looking ahead to this week then:

Today ( Saturday)  something we can eat in front of the TV with a bottle of wine and the final of The Voice – I’m thinking home made pizza.

Sunday: Roast chicken and all the trimmings – this will also give us leftovers and home made stock from the bones.

Monday: Leftover chicken, ham ( from freezer- saved from last week’s pea and ham soup) leek and mushrooms topped with puff pastry ( shop bought)  served with new potatoes and vegetables. Here’s some I made before:


Tuesday: Sweet and sour pork with brown rice. This is a made up recipe using whatever I have at hand usually:

  • peppers
  • red onion
  • carrot
  • ginger (I keep a lump of fresh ginger in the freezer and cut or grate a bit off when I need it- I read this somewhere and tried it- it really works)
  • garlic
  • canned pineapple-use some of the juice to sweeten the sauce
  • any green or leafy stuff e.g. cabbage, broccoli, mangetout
  • baby corn

Wednesday: I have faggots written down. Again. One day we will eat them.

Thursday: Either spaghetti bolognaise or a pasta bake. I often add a can of ratatouille when I cook  spag bol, lasagne, chilli etc. It adds chunky vegetables and a thick tomato sauce and as well as being tasty, it makes the meat go a lot further. I started doing it to add extra veg to our meals, now I just like it and miss it if it’s not there.  I am planning to make double quantity of the meat sauce and save half for Friday.

Friday:  I will adapt the other half of the mince to make a quick chilli con carne- add a can of red beans and a chilli (I freeze them and chop them straight from the freezer), maybe a dash of smoky BBQ sauce and serve with some rice and nachos.

So, what are you having?


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One Response to 74/365 Today I…am menu planning

  1. Ooh thanks for the frozen ginger tip! Mine is always going mouldy in the bottom of the fridge!

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