73/365 Today I…bought some books

Today I…bought three books- well, they arrived in the post today.

Added to my reading list

Added to my reading list


Inspired by one of the books on my Asia & the Victorians module ( see 69/365 ) The Golden Chersonese by Isabella Bird, I ordered another of her books, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains.  After reading the extract on line about her relationship with Rocky Mountain Jim, I am looking forward to finding out more after my essay and exam revision has been completed. One for the shelf.




While browsing for the above book I came across this:


A remedy for a good nights sleep- take one chapter every night before retiring and dream of faraway lands


The Illustrated Virago Book of Women Travellers. Excellent condition. Hard back.
A penny plus postage. SOLD.
Beautiful photos. Interesting range of authors.

One for the bedside table, to be enjoyed a little at a time.



Make room on that shelf


Also this: Unsuitable for Ladies. Immaculate condition. Hard back. Lots of very positive reviews. Also a penny. SOLD. I am going to read the relevant chapters on South East Asia this weekend as they may be useful for my essay. The rest- to be enjoyed later.






I am REALLY looking forward to tackling my reading shelf this summer.
Any recommendations?

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