69/365 Today I…

Today I…am keeping it short(ish).
Essay deadlines are looming, but I can’t get started on either of the assignments- the words just won’t come. Not feeling the fear yet… ah-the joys of being a deadline surfer!!

I spent a long time at the weekend fannying around (that’s an academic term by the way) trying to start my essay for Asia & the Victorians. I have chosen to write about The Golden Chersonese by Isabella Bird, a nineteenth century lady travel writer, in which she tells about her trip to Hong Kong, Singapore and the Malay peninsula. She was a very brave and interesting woman; the more I find out about her, the more I like her. I read in an article that during a trip to Colorado, she fell in love with the local desperado, ‘Rocky Mountain Jim’. His occupations were trapping, running a small herd of cattle and quarreling with his neighbours. He was clever and amusing, and had been handsome before an encounter with a bear left him with one eye and half his face clawed away. She refused to marry him  and left because of his drinking and five months later he was shot and killed in a bar brawl. Not your typical Victorian lady-but exactly the sort of woman you would want to be on an adventure with.  Just went away and read a few pages of her book  “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” on google books- I am currently searching on amazon ( only 0.01p + postage) and other second hand booksellers for a copy. Why am I so easily distracted? Answers on a postcard…Blimey! After a few pages, I am half in love with desperado Jim myself! 
Anyway…dragging myself back to the topic in hand! Maybe I picked the wrong question but I can’t seem to find my way into the essay,  so I have set it aside for now and moved onto the second task.

For my film module, I have chosen to write about ‘Some Came Running’ (1958) directed by Vincente Minnelli., starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Shirley MacLaine. It’s a great film, there should be plenty to talk about but I can’t even make my mind up which question to answer. I have narrowed it down to three. Or four.  I watched the film again this evening with the questions in front of me. I have lots of scribbles on the paper but no final answer.  I guess I will have to sleep on it and see what happens.

Wish me luck.

P.S. Just bought that book.
I won’t read it till the essay is done. Both essays, I mean.
*uncrosses fingers*

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