67/365 Today I…said ENOUGH!

Today I… finally caved in under the enormous pile and did the ironing.
The pile had grown and evolved and moved from spare bed to chair and then…
I noticed smaller piles had begun to grow on the bedroom floor …and on the dressing table…and stuff was hanging behind the spare room door. I could put it off no longer.
I collected it all together like this:

The ironing mountain

The ironing mountain


Aaaaaghghghg.  Nightmare. A lot of it was Martin’s as I have been doing my work clothes as and when I needed them, and if I’m honest, I often wear stuff without ironing it. *blushes*  I found a couple of tops I forgot I had and some clothes that had probably been on that pile since Christmas. In the spirit of de-cluttering, I reckon if I have not missed them for 3 months, they are surplus to requirements, so some of the pile went straight in the charity shop bag (dropped off this afternoon before I changed my mind) and some old t-shirts will be re-purposed and used for waxing and buffing my next up-cycling paint project. The rest of it took about 2 hours but I ended up with this:


Much  better

Much better

All hanging or folded neatly. I found two items that needed work- a droopy hem and a gaping seam so these will be kept out and repaired- the rest has been put away.

We all know that the situation will not last. Indeed, no sooner had I finished and shouted ‘TA-DA’ expecting at the very least a round of applause from my nearest and dearest, I noticed a shirt and a pair of jeans tucked away behind the door of what-I-call the study, formerly known as Hannah’s room, but is better described as the junk room.
So, the pile begins again…the battle is on. How long will I last before I crack under the pressure? How high will it reach?  Watch this space…

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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