56/365 Today … is Tuesday UFO update

Today I…am checking my list of  UFOs – Un Finished Objectives – as it’s Tuesday.  After some thought I have decided to make some changes and keep the list for things to be completed in the next six months i.e. before the end of August 2014.

SO:  365 project- daily blog post-taking this off the list – I can’t complete it any quicker so reminders are pointless.

Knitting project- Teddy-  COMPLETED  I had some help with this at the weekend- Thanks Jackie for stuffing and assembling as I knitted the last leg!
Here he is: Pretty cute eh? 

















  1. IMPORTANT- Exam revision draw up timetable by 17 April- started reviewing texts
  2. IMPORTANT- 3000 word film essay HAND IN 23 April selected title, watched film
  3. IMPORTANT- 3000 word English essay HAND IN 29 April selected title, started reading
  4.  Wedding photos- select photos for printing, get them printed, frame and put on wall target date 30 April.  Looked through album, chose several pictures that we both liked. Looked at frames for sizes.
  5. Operation Bob- sleeping bag, PJs and hoodie- I have almost finished the sleeping bag apart from some hand sewing – still to make PJs and Hoodie  – moved down the list as I have essays to write! 
  6. Picture frames in study- put photos in and hang on wall target date 30 April
  7. Garden table- tile table top or replace table top target date 30 June
  8. Paint chest of drawers in guest room – target date 31 July
  9. Top Secret painting project- target date 31 July
  10. Sewing project- patchwork quilt- target 31 July
  11. Wedding album- sort out photos and keepsakes, put in memory album target date 31 August

Realistically, there’s not going to be much movement on the list for a while as essays and revision are top priority for the next two months. UFO reviews will be monthly until after my exams then I can really get cracking!  I have been reading a really great blog today which has inspired some more projects- saving them for later!  I might share the blog later in the week….


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1 Response to 56/365 Today … is Tuesday UFO update

  1. Nadelle says:

    I have lists like this on the go all the time! I often have them pinned on the fridge and get a great sense of satisfaction when I can cross items off. Intrigued by the top secret painting project 🙂

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