55/365 Today I…am sharing a poem

Today I…am sharing a poem I love.

I am not a religious person, but I think I am quite spiritual. What made me think of this poem is the feeling that Spring is in the air and the worst of the winter is over.

The last few months have been cold and wet, but the longer days and watery sunshine give me a real sense of the ‘dearest freshness deep down’- there are daffodils and crocus peeking through the grass, catkins and blossom are appearing on the trees to tell me that  ‘nature is never spent’.  I have a spring in my step these days, as morning ‘at the brown brink eastward, springs’.  Life is good.

Whether or not you believe that we are held against the warm breast and encircled by the bright wings of a holy ghost- its a beautiful image and the words of this poem are simply lovely.  If you want to listen to it being read by actor Samuel West, close your eyes and click here

God’s Grandeur

The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil
Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?
Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;
And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;
And wears man’s smudge and shares man’s smell: the soil
Is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod.

And for all this, nature is never spent;
There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;
And though the last lights off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs —
Because the Holy Ghost over the bent
World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.



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