49/365 Today I… have designated Tuesday UFO update

Today I…am reviewing my list of all the UFOs – Un Finished Objectives – that I have going on. This time last week I prioritised the list and assigned due dates.   Time to check the list and hopefully tick some as DONE!


  1.  365 project- daily blog post- this stays on the list but I have completed this every day this week so TICK
  2. Knitting project- Teddy- completed body, head, 2 arms and one leg- still to do the other leg, ears, stuff and sew together and embroider face- target for completion moved back to 15 MARCH
  3. Operation Bob- sleeping bag, PJs and hoodie- I have almost finished the sleeping bag apart from some hand sewing – still to make PJs and Hoodie  target date moved back to 22 MARCH
  4. Book Club-  The Night Circus- completed   TICK
  5. IMPORTANT- Exam revision draw up timetable by 17 April-  this week I bought some really cute exercise books ( on sale) ready for revision notes
  6. IMPORTANT- 3000 word film essay HAND IN 23 April
  7. IMPORTANT- 3000 word English essay HAND IN 29 April
  8. Picture frames in study- put photos in and hang on wall target date 30 April
  9. Wedding photos- select photos for printing, get them printed, frame and put on wall target date 30 April ( jeez, get a move on, we got married Nov 2012)
  10. Garden table- tile table top or replace table top target date 31 May
  11. Paint chest of drawers in guest room – target date 31 July
  12. Top Secret painting project- target date 31 July
  13. Sewing project- patchwork quilt- target 31 July
  14. Wedding album- sort out photos and keepsakes, put in memory album target date 31 August
  15. Write panto- target date first draft 1 October

Woohoo! – I have removed one thing from the list this week.  Ah, book club. I will have to add in the book for NEXT month, so I’m still at 15.  This is more complicated than I thought….bear with!

Tuesday will be UFO update night until further notice. Or until something more interesting happens. Or until I get fed up.

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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