47/365 Today I…am sharing

Today I…am sharing my latest treasures that I have rescued from landfill.

As you know, I love a charity shop or recycling centre (aka “the tip”). The thrill of rummaging through cast off junk in search of a hidden gem is my idea of a good time. I have had another visit to the Re-useful centre in Leamington Spa (see post 12/365)and this time I brought home two lovely pots and a hand painted jug.

wpid-20140309_183436.jpgThis yellow plant pot was 50p and I am using it to store kitchen tools.  It matches – near enough- one that I already have.

wpid-20140308_174917.jpgThis white pot was also only 50p and could be used for cooking or as a serving dish. It’s really chunky earthenware, I’m guessing it had a lid once upon a time. I have used it to display some little pots of daffodils (a steal at 4 for £3 from the local farmshop) on the kitchen table.
They bring a touch of spring to the kitchen, don’t they? It’s been such a lovely weekend. Mr K spent several hours polishing my car (bless him) and to celebrate we went for a little spin with the top down-woop! Bring it on…

Anyway, back to the blog.  My third find was this colourful hand painted jug from Italy. It was more expensive (£2) but still a bargain and I fell in love with it right away. I can imagine using it for sangria in the summer or to show off a bunch of tulips?wpid-20140308_124539.jpg
So for just three quid i have found somewhere to store my spatula, a beautiful bowl for bulbs and a jolly nice jug. I will be paying another visit to the shop in future, but I plan to take along some items to donate in exchange. Who knows? They might end up on someone else’s blog.

Here’s a link to the Action 21 blog if you are interested in sustainability.


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One Response to 47/365 Today I…am sharing

  1. Rude Record says:

    We REscue stuff from point of landfill too. Thanks for sharing your finds. Love the jug made in Italy.

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