43/365 Today I…watched a film

Today I…watched a film- There Will Be Blood (2007)there will be blood image directed by P T Anderson, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano
This is part of my film module; we are studying four films by this director (see Boogie Nights 30/365 and 36/365 Punch Drunk Love).





Dark. Dark. Dark. Black as the oil that seeps through this film.

Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview and Dano as twin brothers Paul and Eli Sunday are both excellent, I thought, also the little kid who plays Plainview’s son H.W. was great (Dillon Freasier).

Plainview is a bit of a monster, but we are shown that he has feelings, especially when he is with his son.  Although he later claims *spoiler alert* to be using the orphan child as a marketing tool, there are tender moments where they appear like a ‘normal’ father and son.

There are almost no women in this film. Family relationships are fractured and unconventional, as in PT Anderson’s other films that I have studied.  Fathers and sons; brothers- real or fake; inheritance of property or character traits; balance of power in relationships- son rebelling against the father, becoming a man.

Set at the turn of the 20th century against a period of great economic and social change: transport, cars, the demand for oil, advances in technology, the post war depression all figure in the story.

I give it 3 1/2  out of 5 because it was quite long and had an odd ending.


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