42/365 Today I…am talking about UFOs

Today I…am making a list of all the UFOs – Un Finished Objectives – that I have going on.
I have prioritised the list and assigned due dates.  I may draw up a chart with coloured squares- that should waste an hour or two!

listsHere are my top 15 things to do- not in order of importance, but in due date order.
Some of these things have been waiting for a while (see items 9, 10 & 14). Maybe if I focus on the list once a week I can start to tick some things off. That’s the plan. Yep. Name it and shame it.


  1. 365 project- daily blog post- ongoing
  2. Knitting project- Teddy- completed body, head and 2 arms- still to do 2 legs, ears, stuff and sew together and embroider face- target for completion 7 MARCH
  3. Operation Bob- sleeping bag, PJs and hoodie- I have sourced a pattern and got the materials- target for completion- 16 MARCH
  4. Book Club-  The Night Circus- target date to complete 25 MARCH
  5. IMPORTANT- Exam revision draw up timetable by 17 April
  6. IMPORTANT- 3000 word film essay HAND IN 23 April
  7. IMPORTANT- 3000 word English essay HAND IN 29 April
  8. Picture frames in study- put photos in and hang on wall target date 30 April
  9. Wedding photos- select photos for printing, get them printed, frame and put on wall target date 30 April ( jeez, get a move on, we got married Nov 2012)
  10. Garden table- tile table top or replace table top target date 31 May
  11. Paint chest of drawers in guest room – target date 31 July
  12. Top Secret painting project- target date 31 July
  13. Sewing project- patchwork quilt- target 31 July
  14. Wedding album- sort out photos and keepsakes, put in memory album target date 31 August
  15. Write panto- target date first draft 1 October

Is 15 a lot of unresolved objectives?  No doubt I will add to the list when I think about this some more. It goes without saying that recurring stuff like ironing (?) does not make the list.  It NEVER makes my list.

Tuesday will be UFO update night until further notice. Or until something more interesting happens. Or until I get fed up.


About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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