34/365 Today I…worked on Operation Bob

Today I…have an update to my post 32/365

You remember Bob. I have been asked to make Bob some pyjamas, a sleeping bag and a hoodie.  Good news! I have trawled the ‘net and found some patterns for Ken dolls that I might be able to adapt for burly Bob.  I have pinned the ideas and patterns to my pinterest board.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any suitable fabric or any old garments to cut up. 


I have more good news- my lovely sister has offered to knit Bob a jumper with some wool leftover from the baby cardigans.  Hmm. What about a matching hat?

Next step- I plan to take a walk tomorrow in my lunch break and visit the charity shop in the village to see if I can find some suitable stuff to cut up in order to make the clothes and sleeping bag- and lets see if anything else inspires me.  Double benefit- some fresh air and healthy exercise and potential recycling/ crafting!

I can feel myself getting a bit carried away with plans for Bob- why stop at pyjamas? Surely he deserves a whole wardrobe of outfits?

And a bed. And a chair. And a room of his own. *shuts eyes and dreams about glue and paper mache* And some friends. They need outfits too….

I will keep you posted.

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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