16/365 Today I…

Today I…have to be quick. It’s 11.30pm and I just got home from the theatre. I need to post this so that I can go to bed, also if I don’t hurry, it will be tomorrow!

I have been to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry to see The Alchemist  a comedy by English playwright Ben Jonson, first performed in 1610.  I have to say I wish I had done my research before I went- it was tough to follow the plot at first. The language is tricky until you become accustomed ( a bit like Shakespeare).  It was well acted, and I liked the staging. The room was quite small and intimate, the audience were facing each other with the action taking place in the centre (known as traverse).
It was funny in places; I think the production ( by Riding Lights Theatre Company) was specifically tailored to a Coventry audience with lots of local references and in-jokes – also some ‘Midlands’ accents. I was a little confused at the end, but on the whole, a very enjoyable evening.  Its now 11.54pm. Time for bed!


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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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