12/365 Today I…rambled and rummaged

kay view adj

Today I…went for a walk with Mr K- it was a lovely bright day so we drove over to Leamington Spa and explored Newbold Comyn.  I thought it was a really good place to visit- free parking, cycle paths, kids playground, lots of open spaces and also a pub (maybe next time!). We climbed up a small hill to the observation point and the view over the countryside was great. That’s me in my ‘fairport’ hat.

We followed the riverside walk (which was a bit muddy) and crossed into Jephson’s Gardens and ended up in town. It was lovely to see the snowdrops under the trees and there were lots of squirrels scampering about. I was surprised to see one eating from a woman’s hand- surely they will become too fat and lazy to climb the trees if they can get cake. Packs of marauding squirrels demanding coffee and walnut gateaux. I blame the Great British Bake Off.

20140202_124745After a quick cuppa we strolled back along the river. As we were leaving the park I noticed a poster for a charity re-cycling project which was nearby.  I could not miss the chance to rummage through other people’s cast-offs, so we headed off to find The Re-useful Centre.

wpid-20140202_134117.jpgI wish I had found this place sooner! Old furniture crying out to be up-cycled, crockery, glasses, toys, games, old records, bikes, garden stuff…etc, etc. Shelves and shelves of books, many of which were on my English modules. Austen, Dickens, Collins, Eliot, Hardy and many more.  I think a lot of University of Warwick students live in Leamington which may explain the classic volumes.  I was restrained and only bought two books…Leiths Latin American Cookery and a diabetic cookbook.  I also found a pretty melamine tray for the office and an action man figure for my grandson Oliver to play with when he comes over to visit. Only £2.50 for the lot.  I hope to find or make some more clothes for action man. If anyone has any knitting or sewing patterns, please let me know. From memory, I think his physique is more ‘buff’ than Ken, but I can adapt to fit.


All in all, a very good day. Some healthy exercise in the fresh air, some quality time with my lovely husband and some recycling for a worthwhile cause. Good for the body, the heart and the soul. Result.

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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