7/365 Today I…

Today I … attended the very first bira ladies-only book club (I am going to suggest we be known as BLOB, what do you think?) held at The New Inn.
Six members attended and on the whole i think it was a success as an interesting and enjoyable discussion took place.  I hope that the “BLOB” will evolve and grow. I might get T shirts printed.
The book under discussion was “The Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman. Click here for details.  The novel examines family relationships, marriage and parenthood set in post First World War Australia. The characters deal with different kinds of loss and isolation. The action takes place on a remote lighthouse station where a baby is found by a childless couple. The narrative follows their decision to raise the child as their own. Tom, the lighthouse keeper, is a strong character, a moral beacon who can be identified with the lighthouse itself. A proper Romantic hero, I think we were all a little in love with him.

I noticed that a film adaptation of the novel is in development but not yet in production.  Hmm, I wonder who would best portray Tom?  Suggestions on a postcard  by e mail,  please.

The next book is The Misbegotten by Katherine Webb. It was decided to meet again at the end of February and BLOB members will be asked to bring along a question for discussion or select a short passage for consideration.

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