The plot thickens…

I had a very productive Sunday morning thanks to a brainstorming session with my smart and funny daughter Hannah.  Even with a festival hangover, she managed to come up with some insightful and funny suggestions.  I felt that my panto outline was far too complicated and  lacked drive.  As a result,  the work in progress has been ‘parked’ for now and I have gone back and developed an earlier idea.   It’s much simpler and uses some well known characters and traditional types which moves the action forward with less need to explain.  I now have a synopsis which could ACTUALLY WORK.  I feel really excited and encouraged to write some jokes.  

As my plot refers to a number of fairy stories, particularly Little Red Riding Hood, I thought I might do some research and re-read some versions of the story.  My bookshelf offered up ‘Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales’ and ‘The Bloody Chamber’ so it could end up a little dark in places…. 


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One Response to The plot thickens…

  1. You had it all along, I was just a ‘silliness’ sounding board!

    It’s getting to be properly funny, look out for the highbrow literary references, nerdy asides and jokes a-plenty, avid blog readers.

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